Princess Diana documentary sparks anger...


Mar 17, 2007
LONDON (Reuters) - A documentary featuring images of the car crash in which Princess Diana died should not be shown because of the distress it will cause her family, the Conservatives said on Monday.

The Channel 4 programme "Diana: The Witnesses in the Tunnel" will show pictures of the aftermath of the 1997 accident in a Paris underpass in which Diana, 36, and her lover Dodi al Fayed were killed, along with their chauffeur Henri Paul.
News that the documentary, one of many media projects marking the 10th anniversary of the August 1997 crash, might feature previously taboo photos prompted condemnation.
Hugo Swire, the Conservative Party's culture spokesman, said the programme would be insensitive to Diana's sons, Princes William and Harry, and should be cancelled.
"We would expect more from a public service broadcaster than showing sensationalist material in this way," he said.
Media said the documentary would include images of the princess's last moments, including a picture of her receiving oxygen from a French doctor, although with her face blanked out.
Such pictures have not been shown in Britain before but last year Italian magazine Chi published photographs of Diana dying, provoking a rare highly-critical statement from her sons.
Channel 4 told the BBC the show would feature images taken by French photographers who were at the scene but would not include pictures that identified Diana or any other victim.
"We acknowledge that there is great public sensitivity surrounding pictures of the victims and these have not been included," the broadcaster said.
"Only one image shows the occupants of the car after the crash and it has been appropriately obscured to avoid any unwarranted intrusion into their privacy or that of their families."
A spokesman for William and Harry would not comment specifically on the documentary but said the princes had made their position "very clear a number of times in the past".
"Diana's memory should be left as it is. This kind of thing is distasteful to her family and friends," the spokesman said.



Apr 28, 2006
This may sound cynical, but the royals have done everything they could to blank Diana out of the public's memory as it is. I was shocked when I visited St. Paul's a couple of years ago and almost all traces of her and her wedding had been removed from the cathedral and it's visitor's areas. I think the "upper management" of that family don't want this documentary because they want the public to FORGET her altogether. IMO, It has nothing to do with being "sensitive" to the feelings of her boys but more about her being persona non grata, especially since Charles is now re-married.


Feb 5, 2006
the forest dim
I'm embarassed to say I didn't even know Charles had re-married. I will say though that it must be difficult for the princes to have to worry about those pictures being made public and in a way living it over again. If it was MY mom I would lose it.