Princess Diana and the Lady Dior

  1. Hi! Does anyone have a picture of the Lady Dior that Diana carried? I have tried Google but not been able to find anything...

  2. No-one has any pics??? :sad:
  3. Shari, I don't have a pic at home but I think there is one in a book at work. It was the a black quilted bag that Di carried as far as I know. I looked at a pink one in Sydney but it was $1800. Ouch.
    Are you Di fan, I was, have heaps of Princess Diana stuff stashed away.
  4. Hi Slayer, I am a fan now yes! I looked at the pink one in Sydney too the other day... but it was $1960. I am not even sure if I was looking at the same bag she carried; the guy said she had a blue one and now you are saying black! (I believe you over him ;)

    Do you know the name of the book?
  5. Shari, I found some pics of the bag and I'll try to upload them. Sorry about the poor picture quality.:shame:
    The only Dior bag I seen Diana carry was definately black. If she carried the blue I've never seen a pic of it.
    IMGP5708.JPG IMGP5709.JPG IMGP5711.JPG
  6. WOOHOO!!!! slayer you are the BEST!!!

  7. Classic bag for a classy Lady.

    Shari - are you getting this bag? I think it's a good one. It will never go out of style.
  8. I am thinking about it being my next day bag purchase.... still not 100% sure yet!
  9. I bought my black one the year it came out and I always think of Diana when I use it.
  10. so Lady Dior is called after late princess Diana?
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