Princess Diana and Pearls

  1. I get a funny feeling whenever I see this picture of the Princess in my file along with the thought that from my Beloved Mom (who passed away in 1982) I inherited a similar pair of lovely pearl earrings/set.

    The pendant has a detachable white gold neckpiece to make it into a necklace; detach it and it can be a brooch!

    I think it would be fun to see other pics of famous people with their jewelries and then also show your (tPfers) own look-alike sets!

    P.S.: isn't that sapphire/pearl necklace of hers amazing?
    Diana_Pearls.jpg Pearls_Brooch_Necklace.jpg Pearls_Ears_Ring.jpg
  2. I definitely don't have anything like that, but yours are very pretty!
  3. I have always considered Princess Diana to be the epitome of class and style. Her taste was impeccable. I like your jewelry a lot too! It's unique and gorgeous.
  4. Those are gorgeous! And they do look like Princess Diana's! I WISH I had something that cool :smile:
  5. I have always thought that princess Diana was a style-setter... she develped in such a gacefull way that made her an icon of fashion....Your pieces of jewelry are beautiful... Enjoy them and wear them with pride !