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  1. Manuela Testolini Nelson, has filed for divorce from the pop superstar. the case was filed May 24. Edward Winer, attorney for Nelson, issued a statement Thursday saying it was a difficult decision for Nelson to seek the divorce and that she hoped for a "cooperative resolution" and a quick end to the case.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


  2. He was married?????????????
  3. I didnt know he was married!:wtf:
  4. He's been married for a while.....Doesn't he have a daughter?
  5. I never knew that he was married.
  6. He had a daughter with his ex Maitee, but the baby unfortunately died of SIDS, she was also engaged to Tommy Lee, but after that little boy drowned in his pool, they announced their engagement was off, if memory serves me correctly?
  7. that's his wife:

  8. Another divorce...oh so sad.
  9. Woah, she must be tiny!
  10. She's pretty. Awwww. =(
  11. Wow I didnt know he was married. Another divorce in Hollywood. THey're dropping like flies!!
  12. I never new he was married either!:lol:
  13. Oh How I Love Prince!
  14. Yes, he was married twice. His second wife (the one that just filed for divorce) is from Toronto.
  15. I bet he took longer in the bathroom to get ready than she did.

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