Prince William and Kate Middleton have split up

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  1. Prince William has split from his girlfriend Kate Middleton.

    The couple had been under intense media pressure since they met at St Andrews University, Fife, in 2001, BBC royal correspondent Peter Hunt said.
    The prince's move to an army camp in Dorset, and Miss Middleton continuing her life in London, are also said to have put a strain on the relationship.
    Clarence House has not commented on the split. There had been speculation about a possible engagement in recent months.
    BBC royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell said: "It's a surprise, because it had seemed very stable and very steady."
    He said he thought the prince's move to Bovington Camp in Dorset had "a lot to do with the final stages" of the break-up.
    [​IMG][​IMG] William's feeling is he's too young to get married [​IMG]

    Duncan Larcombe
    The Sun


    A Royal romance flounders
    Are media to blame for split?

    The Sun reported that the couple had seen each other no more than once a week since then.
    "One must suspect, though I don't know that this is absolutely certain, that it is more his decision than hers," said Nicholas Witchell.
    "He has said in the past that he is too young to get married.
    "But I am led to believe that there is no-one else involved and that it is a decision they have come to mutually."
    Duncan Larcombe, the Sun's royal correspondent, told BBC Five Live: "The last person on earth who's going to be pressured by newspaper columnists and television chat shows to get married is Prince William."
    [​IMG] The prince asked the paparazzi to stop harassing his girlfriend

    The Sun said the pair had reached an "amicable agreement" to part.
    Earlier this month, Miss Middleton settled a harassment complaint against the Daily Mirror over a close-up photograph published by the paper.
    At the time of her 25th birthday in January, amid mounting speculation about a possible engagement, a media scrum formed outside Miss Middleton's home.
    And police officers were called to a London nightclub that month to stop photographers getting too close as the couple left the venue.
    Prince William, who is second in line to the throne, appealed for the paparazzi to stop harassing Miss Middleton.
    Her lawyers contacted newspaper editors in 2005 to ask the press to leave her and her family alone.

    From students to sweethearts

    They said that photographers had followed her almost every day and night since she had left university.
    William, 24, is an army officer in the Household Cavalry's Blues and Royals.
    Miss Middleton attended the prince's graduation from Sandhurst Military Academy in December.
    It was the first time she had attended such a high-profile event, at which the Queen and other senior royals were present.
    Miss Middleton left her family home in Berkshire on Saturday morning without speaking to the assembled press pack. She works as an accessories buyer for a fashion company
  2. I'll bet he broke up with her to spare her what his mom went through.
  3. i must admit i squealed a little when i heard this:yahoo: but i'm a harry girl at :heart: .
  4. Ah I can imagine just how she is feeling now, poor girl! Unfortunately I expected this with recent stories of him messing with other women. I fear he will just become a cad like his father where women are concerned!
  5. No way bags, if he had wanted to spare her that he would have become engaged to her then she would have had Royal protection. He just wants to play the field now which is fair enough he is still young but he should not have lead her on for so long!

  6. I too was expecting this - especially after the shenanigans of taking that girl back to his barracks, what was that all about? :wtf:
  7. Oh he was all over her in a club, brought her back to the officers quarters but she said that nothing happened, he was so drunk that he just left her & went to bed.

    I heard on news tonight that he has been seen in clubs cuddling girls but always made the excuse that they wanted pics with him - right :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    He is obviously just bored with kate but I suppose better dump her than marry her & treat her like s*** like his father did to his poor mother!
  8. ***shaking head*** and packing bags, off to get my man:yahoo: :yahoo: Here I come Wills...
  9. I got so annoyed when i was watching the news and they went "NOW THE HEADLINES. Prince William and Kate Middleton have split up we will be going live to London to talk to ...(aGuy) and see the reaction in London and in OTHER news several people have died in iraq" I was like :wtf: YOUR SERIOUS?? Show a lil respect. Prince William and Kate splitting isnt Breaking news. wasnt like they were going to marry and she was preggers with twins and he ran away with a guy. Anyway i'm sure they will move on she hated the attention of the media anyway.
  10. Back off girl :roflmfao: my daughter has had her eye on this guy for years now & I would be the Queen Mother :yahoo: now that would have to have some clout at Hermes :roflmfao:
  11. Sad reality of life is that it has become so cheap in this war torn planet that people dying daily now is commonplace & not really all that newsworthy!
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