Prince Sandal YOOX!

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  1. I received these puppies in two short days from Italy via UPS. Unbelievable? I can't get phone calls returned to me that fast.

    These sandals were purchased through Yoox's special Spring sale that was offered last weekend. I had an additional 10 percent coupon so I only paid 250 dollars. There will be more sales!
  2. Cute!! And, great deal!!:tup:
  3. Gorgeous, but holy high heels, Batman!

  4. I know, I know but trust me the modified platform makes a HUGE difference! Also they make your legs look so long and sleek!:nuts:
  5. Awesome...
    A question in case I sin... are chloe shoes true to size?

  6. Maria they have been TTS for me? I have 7 pairs of Chloe shoes/boots; only one pair did I have to go up a half of size and that was the cross front wedge sandals.

  7. S E V E N ??? !!! :wtf:
    You cant go wrong with such a collection!:wlae:

  8. Trust me the shoes are just as addictive as the purses! I don't want to wear anything else but Chloe shoes/boots! They wear like iron too (which is a good thing).
  9. They are lovely shoes and at a great price. I only have one pair of Chloe shoes but shall try to find some boots as well later. Mine were true to size and also very comfortable. I only ever wear leather or suede shoes and boots but normally my feet hurt the first few times I wear new shoes but I was out walking in Manchester with my new Chloes first time I wore them and my feet were fine afterwards.

  10. Hear hear!! I agree! Now the random Chloe wedge sandals, that I had to bump up a half a size, are by no means comfortable. They definitely have gotten better in the that department, however the stiff leather cross bands on my toes took a long time to soften up. That was a drag. I love them so much that I kept wearing them to get that 'broken in' feeling. By this year they should be much better.:yahoo:
  11. cute!! but how did you get it for 250?? I entered in the 15% code and it still came out to 266!
  12. There was an additional mark down last weekend for lady's shoes.

  13. Oh BTW the 266 dollar price is still very good for these shoes?
  14. If you buy at yoox and link through (it's like e-bates) you get 7% cashback. They dont have as many stores as e-bates but the ones they do have are better cash back (like couture candy is 25% back!)

  15. Wow that's fabulous thanks!