Prince Harry and Meghan Markle thread


Apr 6, 2007
Absolutely! He needs to be both very dumb and very rich. Where can one find such specimen? Tom Bower thinks the Harkles are still very united, it makes sense.
I think they are still united. I am not convinced they are still as “in love” as they want us to believe.

Meghan could have decided she hitched her horse to the wrong wagon.



Aug 18, 2012
Only sugars will pay for that!
It's also possible that the Harkles (or their foundations) are paying for the publication of the puff pieces. They have no intention of being silent. I agree with Tom Bower, Charles shouldn't invite them to the coronation. TB suggested to silence the Harkles by issuing a statement that Harold has excluded himself from the family. I feel sorry for Charles, it must be very difficult for him to deal with Harold and Randy Andy at the same time.


Jul 8, 2015
While rocking along on the subway this morning, I had a subversive thought occur to me regarding the lipgloss. Sparry should have been a gentleman and offered his love his tube of emergency Elizabeth Arden cream. After all, it was good enough for his mother's lips. And there wouldn't even have been a hygiene problem or an ewww moment, since we know it has touched his todger, and her lips were all over his todger by the 2nd(?) date.

Harry, you prick! You missed a beautiful romantic moment!


Jul 8, 2015
Yes that’s why travelyst is problematic for their brand.

they get private jets but want us to put our money into eco travel….(and make $$ from the plebs booking through travelyst).
Most of what they do is problematic for their brand. They show no compassion except when it is cheap, rides on someone else's $, or gains them publicity. They slag off/ghost their families but want to be known for their ginormous LURVE :heart: They sneer at the BRF but cling to their royal titles. I could go on...
If it weren't for double standards, they would have no standards at all.
I'm ded :faint:
Absolutely! He needs to be both very dumb and very rich. Where can one find such specimen? Tom Bower thinks the Harkles are still very united, it makes sense.
She has to look at those with inherited money - like Sparry.
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The Red Queen
Feb 4, 2006
Longish thread. I remember reading this years ago, but back then even we thought it was malicious gossip as it couldn't possibly be true in its whole nastiness. Now? I think it probably happened exactly like told back then.

There are parts of this that I could believe. I could believe that the measurements for Charlotte's dress were based on another little girl and that is why it didn't fit. I could believe that Meghan did not treat any of the Dior staff nicely and drove CWK to distraction. I don't understand about the florist. Why would that have been so last minute unless Meghan fired the florist she had or that florist refused to work with her anymore. I read a very long time ago, that the people in charge of events for the monarchy, offered to help with all of these things related to the venue and the wedding. How big was her ego that she though that she could handle arranging a wedding of this size at a venue like St. George's? Even a professional party planner with tons of event on the resume would accept help from the local people who knew all the vendors and the space. If she writes a book, expect her to dump on all of these people plus the people at the Dior fashion house.

One thing I found odd last week was the story from the local tailor. Where did Meghan find this guy? Frankly, I don't think he should be all that proud of himself. The dresses still looked like train wrecks after his people altered them. Making them smaller and fixing the hems is not rocket science. Is this the guy that Meghan was using for her own clothing. If so, that is not a recommendation for his work.


Jul 31, 2015
LOTUSLAND is a Botanical Garden in Montecito. Book gets good reviews, lots of photos making it easier for H to understand. TW gets the bonus of an attractive coffee table book for an accent of green in what appears to be her blah decor.
I thought maybe one of the copies was intended as an olive branch for his father. :lol:

It sounds like a lovely place, maybe I'll check it out when I'm in SB later this year for a wedding.


Feb 3, 2007
She actually seems to believe this happened.
I honestly do not know how anyone sat through 6 hours of this. I mean, I barely made it through this.
So out of curiosity, I wanted to see if BA had a hat option for male cabin crew. A little google and the 2015 guide popped up - nope, nada, nothing. The only option is for females.
As BA had not updated their uniforms until this year, I don't expect 2020 would have revealed much different. :facepalm: