Prince Harry and Meghan Markle thread


Jun 12, 2020
It didn't occur to me that crazy had so much support, if Fulani is doing her bidding- She don't need Crazy to prove a point, but it doesn't make Lady Susan actions right-at any case, set up or not, it's real aint it? Just because it's a set up doesn't make less real IMO.
How do you know what this fulani person is saying is true about what Lady Susan even asked or said? That could all be a bunch of BS too.


Jul 31, 2015

Oh My God Omg GIF by Teachers on TV Land
Jan 25, 2010
ooh look what we have to look forward to… the tears in the trailer were likely on the day the Knauf emails came out, showing MM had lied to the court and H authorized help for Scobie’s book … will we hear their side of that mess ??

Amazing spot.
Seriously, KC3 needs to cancel these events/galas. It will save money, time and effort. QE proved that one-on-one awards are far better, far more meaningful to the honoree, than the clusterf at the palace.

Yes, zero chemistry with H&M, zero appeal, zero. They are gross.
Not sure I agree with you on cancelling receptions. The Queen hosted plenty too. they’re an effective way of recognising a large number of people.


Jan 28, 2019
I think "really angry" is a bit of an exaggeration. They'll be gone by Saturday. It's the same when a President is in NY. There is gridlock everywhere and New Yorkers love to complain about it.
Funny how the press didn‘t mention that H & TW had a very poor reception at the Intrepid Museum American Military Veterans Event that they attended last year in NYC. And how the security for their endless photo ops with the Mayor and Governor, etc. tied up traffic. And yes New Yorkers always grumble when politicians visit our city and snarl traffic. I remember cursing when our then Prez and his wife flew in to dine at a restaurant for their date night. The traffic was just beastly that night as a result. At least W & K are in Boston to hand out meaningful awards to people doing work on the environment that could benefit all of us. Unlike H & TW and their visit to that school where she disrupted classes so she could read the Stench to some unlucky students. And the worst gridlock happens when the UN is in session every year in NYC. So a 3 day visit by visiting dignitaries is a minor inconvenience to the locals in Boston by comparison.
Feb 17, 2014
Here's a thought: The O's have a home on nearby Martha's Vineyard. I know it is highly unlikely, but I would die laughing if one or both turned up as surprise guests at tomorrow's Earthshot ceremony/dinner. The Wales' friendship with the O's is just one of MM's many grievances against them. I imagine her grinding her teeth every time she sees young George in his bathrobe conversing with the Os.
I read that both John Kerry and Caroline Kennedy recused themselves at the last minute. The implication was that the issue at the palace was the reason. It is truly sad that the program for climate issues was sacrificed because of the latest brouhaha. I am disappointed in both of them. If you believe in something you stand up in support.


Mar 28, 2020
Some may recall in Oct., there were stories of panic at Nflix:

The negative British headlines weren’t the only thing that shook Ted Sarandos’s empire — in early October, sources said that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were “panicked” over their series and wanted to edit out new revelations. The couple — who famously went on Oprah to discuss the racism Meghan faced while living with the royal family — told Netflix they wanted to backtrack in the wake of the queen’s death in September. “Harry and Meghan are having second thoughts on their own story, on their own project,” a Netflix source told “Page Six” on October 4. Another industry source added, “Harry and Meghan are panicked about trying to tone down even the most basic language. But it’s their story, from their own mouths.” Though the project could be “shelved indefinitely” if Netflix gives in to the couple’s wishes, other sources said that Netflix has made it “clear that project is going forward.”