Prince Harry and Meghan Markle thread

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  1. oh harry is DEFINITELY not prince charles' kid! :lol:

    about his remarks-- i swear, he's just acting out. i think he doesn't want to be seen as this prince who is always in line with the kind of behavior that is expected of him. even if his own family members (grandpa namely) didn't hold up that kind of proper behavior. i think he's desperate to be seen in some other light. this is a pathetic way of accomplishing that, but hey, it's working, isn't it?

    his mother surely would not approve, and she was never one to hold certain standards of what is expected of the royals in high regard. but she never had to resort to being offensive to break out of it.
  2. Wait.... there were DNA tests!?!?:wtf:

    LOL. I love this piece of trashy, sordid speculation. It will never end...
  3. ^yeah, who REALLY knows. no randoms in the public ever will. but we sure will keep up the gossip!

    i kinda feel bad for the kid either way. if the polo dude is his dad, he's grown up not knowing him, let alone being acknowledged as his kid (which isn't the dad's fault). if he IS charles' kid, well, ppl like us gossiping all these years and putting doubt out there... and the only parent he's sure about he lost when he was barely a teenager. not to mention all the rumors of her "infidelity"...none of it must've been easy on the kid.
  4. none of that of that is an excuse for his recent asshat-like behavior, but still. poor kid.
  5. In other Royal Scandal news, TMZ the other day showed some pics of Prince William in which it is very plain that The late Earl Spencer will have departed this earthly plane some time after most or all of his hair had long assumed its spirit form.
  6. I totally see your point, but can't help but wonder: what if something happened to William and Harry were to become king? Would the royal family tolerate a man going to the throne today knowing he's someone else's illegitimate child? I know it happened in the past, but I would think they'd have a harder time with it if they knew he wasn't genetically related to them.
  7. This is the thread for all things Prince Harry.

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  8. ^lol he's got some good moves!

    When I was a kid I had the biggest crush on William. Now I think Harry is totally the hotter one!
  9. Some more pictures of Harry.

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  10. :love: harry

    thank you for starting this thread!!

    my favorite .gif

  11. I found some more . . .

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  12. You're so welcome!

    William and Catherine have their thread, Pippa has hers, so I figured Harry deserved one, too.
  13. :greengrin:

  14. :yahoo: Thanks for the Harry thread! He's definitely the hotter brother. :biggrin: