Prince Harry and Meghan Markle thread

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  1. ^ what exactly fuels your disbelief?
  2. I find the commotion behind this silly. He's a 20-something soldier, can he not be allowed to joke around with his friends? I mean, that was his friend he was referring to, not a stranger or a nation of people. Of course, if you videotape yourself then you should be subjected to the opinions that follow, but as for me, I don't find anything offensive about what he said.

  3. Add to that the stessors of war. I agree.
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    The fact that they look so similar, the fact that Diana was seeing him before Harry was born, the fact that the DNA test results weren't made public

  5. ^ got any photos of that guy with his face showing?

    some folks carry redheads in their DNA

  6. Nothing from his younger days no, but here's a more recent one. I still think it holds up.

  7. ok. But Harry's eyes are close together like Charles

    they do look similar though.

    oh well, at least we know for certain who is mother is. lol
  8. This is true!

    and the plot thickens :rolleyes:
  9. ^ maybe everyone should just get back to using first names. lol
  10. Hmm I see your point!!!!
  11. Sad to see he is taking after his notoriously racist grandfather. Diana would not approve.
  12. And his great-grandmother. Although in fairness, the Queen Mum's bigotry was pretty inclusive, she looked down on pretty much everybody but a handful of Europeans with titles.

    Clicking around, opinion seems pretty split down the middle, basically two camps:
    A) Team I'm not offended but if he had said stuff about a different groups or groups I would be because that would be different
    B) Team Please forgive my lack of amazement

    The tape was made 3 years ago, but only recently obtained by News of the World.

    (and oh yeah, in case it needs to be stated, I'm totally Team B) ;)
  13. When are the royal family going to get a clue?? Just because that is his friends nickname (if indeed it is?) doesn't mean it's appropriate to use it and come on your the second in line to the throne you really think videos of you doing something stupid aren't going to be leaked?

    But it's ok because he said he didn't mean any harm :rolleyes: oh and this is the same person who dressed as a Nazi for a fancy dress party
  14. Honestly, I don't see the big deal. I don't think he said anything with malicious intent. He was talking about his friend, and was joking.
  15. ^I agree with you.