Prince Harry and Meghan Markle thread

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  1. Lol!!
  2. That's me after one Cosmo!
    (Oh my GOD! I'm such a lightweight!)
  3. LOL!!!
  4. Wooow, that must have been one hell of a party!
    This guy is really cool, he never minds that he's a royal and just gets what he wants. Only his bodyguards have a though work with him.
  5. He is a real tearaway LOL
  6. BagAngel, being from the UK... what are the papers saying about this, across the pond?
  7. i LOVE him, i think he's sooo cute :love:
  8. Some hangover the next day. I thought he was serving in Iraq, or is that coming up? Or am I mixing up the 2 princes?
  9. You're right. It's Harry.

    I'm not sure when he's getting shipped off, though.

    My prayers will be with him and his regiment.
  10. Nice to know every royals are human! I always liked him!
  11. Papres are always quick to pick up on bad behaviour by the Royals. I think Harry is regarded as the "black sheep"
    Reports are now also saying that Wills may have been trying to be unfaithful to Kate I so hope that he doesn't end up being like his father - ruining the life of a beautiful girl! British Royalty are a bit renowned for this unfortunately!

    A BLONDE student told yesterday how Prince William took her back to his barracks after they had dirty danced in a nightclub in front of astonished revellers.
    Boozed-up William, who was downing pints of Stella Artois and shots of sambuca, spotted pretty Lisa Agar, 19, in the Elements nightclub in Bournemouth, Dorset, early on Friday.
    They gyrated hip to hip on the nightclub's podium, "bumping and grinding" before the Prince begged Lisa to return to his barracks at Bovington Camp which was 20 miles away. William's antics will undoubtedly infuriate Kate Middleton, his girlfriend of four years, to whom the Prince is widely expected to become engaged soon.
    Just 24 hours later, his brother Harry was seen falling over drunk in a street in London's West End.

    But for once, even Harry's behaviour was overshadowed by William's antics in the seaside resort.

    He and a group of fellow officers from the Household Cavalry were out drinking in the Walkabout bar in the centre of town before heading to the nightclub.

    Reliving her extraordinary night with the heir to the throne, Lisa - who has a pierced lip - told the Sunday Mirror: "He was quite p****d.

    "He was very affectionate and touchy-feely. And he definitely wasn't a shy boy. But not once did he talk about Kate. It was as though she didn't exist. I spent almost the whole time at the club with him - we drank, we danced, we went back to his place."

    Six-foot Lisa, who is studying to be a sound engineer, was wearing black leggings and a pink figure-hugging top in the club, said the Prince - officially known to the Army as Second Lieutenant Wales - approached her as she stood at the bar.

    Lisa, who has a steady boyfriend, said: "We stood next to each other at the bar and he was having shots of sambuca.

    "His friend, who I was dancing with earlier, introduced us and he said: 'Nice to meet you.' He was warm and friendly. Not shy as I thought he would be.

    "He was wearing a brown and white striped jumper, jeans and shoes and looked like any of the other guys there. After he finished his drinks, Will walked on to the podium with four other blokes and started dancing there." Lisa went on: "Will downed four shots of sambuca and drank at least six pints of Stella. He was laughing the whole time - like drunk people do.

    "At one point, when the Baywatch theme tune came on, he posed like a lifeguard with his hand on his chin.

    Some of his mates took their shirts off and started doing press-ups, Will just stood on laughing.

    "He knew the song though... who would have thought Prince William watched Baywatch! "He was very merry and danced non-stop. Him and his mates were doing silly dances - singing along loudly and doing ridiculous moves."

    Explaining how she came to be on the podium with William, she said: "I could see Will was watching me.

    He looked down and yelled out: 'Lisa, come up here and let's show them how it's done.'

    "So he grabbed my hand and pulled me on to the stage and we started dancing.

    "It was a very small podium, only big enough for four people at a push, so we were very close. We were dancing directly opposite each other. I kept nearly falling off the podium, so he would gently hold my arm and steady me. It was really sweet.

    "It was boiling hot. Everyone was watching us. People were cheering and filming it on their mobiles. You don't get many royal VIPs turning up in Bournemouth.

    "We had enough of dancing on the podium, so jumped off and went to the bar for a few more drinks and just danced on the floor. He was a really good dancer."

    She says Will had looked at her and told told her: "You're too good to be in here."

    "I was very flattered," she adds. "I thought he was joking, but maybe he wasn't."

    At the end of the night, when the club was closing at around 3am, they all left together.

    "Everyone was getting a bit tired and drunk," says Lisa. She walked with William and his party to the waiting Royal protection cars, an Audi and a Land Rover. "Will jumped into the front of the Audi and asked: 'Lisa, what are you going to do? You must come back to the officers' mess with us!'

    "I got into the Land Rover, but saw that there wasn't enough room for one of his friends, so got out. Will told me: 'Come back, Lisa, come back.' He was keen for me to go back with them all.

    "It was all very exciting. I couldn't believe it. Even though he's not my type, he's Prince William, so who's going to turn down a personal invite back to his place?"

    In the end, Lisa and a friend Tony followed the Royal convoy in a Ford Mondeo with Tony driving.

    "We went back to the officers' mess at Bovington Camp and it was all very fancy," Lisa says.

    "Will had arranged for one of his friends to wait at the entrance and swipe us in from inside."

    The corridors were carpeted and it was quite posh, she says.

    "Will was sitting on a single chair and I sat opposite him. I can't remember whether he had a Guinness or a bottle of Stella. He offered to get me a drink, but I said after a heavy night of drinking. And so was Will. He could barely keep his eyes open. He looked like he kept nodding off. I think he was pretty wasted and he told me he had to be up early the next morning.

    "After about 20 minutes, he said he had to go to bed. He was very tired and by this point it was 4.15am.

    "I think he was close to passing out and wanted to get upstairs before he was sick or did anything embarrassing in front of me.

    "Although I have to say he managed well because I tend to drink quite a lot and he managed to keep up with me!"

    At that point, Lisa and her friend Tony were escorted back to their car where they drove home chuckling at her escapade with the future King.

    The next morning she recounted the night to her boyfriend James.

    She said: "He didn't mind at all.

    He just thought I was having a laugh. At the end of the day if you're going to do anything behind your partners back, who better to do it with than Prince William? "Although nothing happened between us in the end..."​
  12. oh man have I been there. only difference is, I didn't have a photog snapping my pic. poor lil harrison.
  13. ITA :yes: I have never even liked a red haired guy in my life but he is definitely hot
  14. Hahaha.... Thanks for posting this.
  15. Haha...sorry, but these are hilarious photos. I'll be embarrassed if I had my pictures taken like this. Poor Prince Harry when he sees these.