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  1. I've been looking at Primp hoodies lately & think they're adorable. I would love to have some just to wear on my 'bum' days; however, I really don't want to pay full price. Just from what I've read on the forum, the quality isn't worth $150+ But when looking on Ebay, I have no idea how to tell if it's the real thing or not.

    Does anyone know of ways to tell if it's authentic Primp? ...or does anyone know of some good sellers or reliable sites that sell Primp at discounted prices?

    Also, I've read that some people say that Primp hoodies fit big. Should I size down or get my true size?

    Thanks :smile:
  2. I got all my stuff from their warehouse sales, are you in the southern CA area?
  3. no. i live in charleston, sc actually ...i'm not sure that any stores around here sell primp :shrugs:
  4. I found some Primp at Saks on sale last year, so it does go on sale at some point.
  5. They have Primp at TJ MAXX sometimes!
  6. IVe gotten a thermal and a vneck from marshalls. Im always on the lookout!
  7. wow, i'll have to check out tj maxx & marshalls! ...& we do have a small Saks here, so maybe thats worth a shot.

    thanks girls!
  8. Lol. I should check out those stores too as I love primp also!:heart:
    My TJ Maxx never carries good stuff though, well if they do its only in small quantities.
    I should try Marshalls.
  9. i second tj maxx ( English version is t.k maxx) i got hoodies for £20 retail was £120!! also thermals are cheap like £10!
  10. i PMed you!
  11. does anyone know anything about the Ebay seller designeroverstocks1. they primarily sell primp. i know you're generally supposed to stay away from sellers like that, but i was just wondering if anyone has every bought from or had experience with this seller...?
  12. I got my primp thermals from Nordies Rack for about $25 each