PRIMP Warehouse Sale

  1. Too many good deals, too little time (and money) :p
  2. Ohh man they don't charge send do they? Darn
  3. ^^I am not 100% sure, but usually these warehouse sales don't charge send. Also, no phone # to call and ask.
  4. Oh geeez...why don't I live closer??
  5. has anyone gone to the previous primp sales?
    care to share the pricing and selections?

    and are they worth it? i mean thermals. tees regular price $90 + ...
  6. the thermals are pretty soft
    and they're cute!

    it's kinda like juicy couture, worth half the retail price
  7. I've been to a different sample sale and I got the ice cream sweat set for $50 each piece and I think they retail around $140 each piece. But I never wore mine, still nwt.
  8. I am planning on going. Though I had heard but never went to one before, so I can't tell you about pricing and selections.

    As far as quality and whether they are worth it, I just recently bought a few past seasons thermal on sale, and I have to say that I love them. They are really soft and comfort. I am surprised that being as thin as they are, they keep me pretty warm. I am definitely looking to buy more thermals and also some hoodies.
  9. How do the PRIMP thermals run ? TTS ?
  10. I LOVE Primp, which is why I'm bummed that I can't make it to this.
    I have just about all prints of thermals and jackets except for the newest ones (clover, pig, sheep, cameo, etc.) and LIVE in them. They're so soft and comfy and definitely worth the price. I love them a lot more than Juicy.
    As for sizing, the thermals run large, tank tops are true to size and the jackets depend on what style they are. I have jackets in all sizes just because they're cut differently.
    Kind of embarassing, but the attached pic is of my Primp stuff (not including my purple swallow thermal and the white thermal with the whales).
    100_8035.JPG 100_9324.JPG
  11. LV Babydoll love your collection!
    Do you wear almost all of it in a calendar year?
    Lucky girl!
  12. I love my Primp thermal top. As for sizing, I have the Large and it fit great when I was a true size 12 and now looks way too big since I'm more a larger 8 these days.
  13. Thanks!
    And oh ya I definitely do. It doesn't stay cold here for very long so I wear the heck out of my jackets and thermals when I get the chance.
    That's why I like getting the tshirts too, then I can wear the prints when it's warmer also. :tup:
  14. FYI, for anyone going: traffic is gonna be bad.............the big UCLA/USC game is on Sat at the Coliseum so pretty much all of the LA area is gonna be bad traffic!
  15. ^^I forgot about the game!

    Also, for the ones who are going.....print out the flyer. I just got this message in the email.....
    Bring in this exclusive invitation and receive a free PRIMP GIFT with any purchase.

    LVbabydoll - great collection!

    I find that the sweatshirts run TTS, but the pants run 1/2 - 1 size small. HTH.