Primp Thermal tops

  1. I was wondering if anyone out there owns any of the Primp Thermal tops:

    (photo from

    I purchased two recently, and noticed that they smell awfully nice (like freshly laundered clothing). I double-checked in the store, being worried that someone may have returned it, but they all had a really nice smell to them. To be sure that I'm not crazy, I even had my boyfriend smell the shirts and he said the same thing.

    Does anyone own these shirts and have you noticed the same thing?
  2. i have 1. i didn't notice the smell. i bought from shopintiution. i don't think they're worth the money at all, i kinda regret buying mine.
  3. Thanks for your input. I'm sorry you don't like yours. I like them - very comfy since we've had some pretty cold weather here.
  4. I have Primp five thermals and never noticed a smell. Rebecca (LVBabyDoll) has them all (LOL!) you may want to ask her, too.
  5. I have one, bought from Nordstrom, and i never noticed anything. But good smelling clothes are almost always a plus :yes:
  6. I have the pink long sleeved one with bunnies on it, it's pretty cute. I didn't notice a smell on it. I also purchased it from Shop Intuition's website.
  7. I have some but never noticed the smell...I definitly LOVE mine though!!! I live in it!
  8. I have one but never noticed the scent, I'm pretty sure there is no scent on mine's though. Maybe the store sprayed all their stock with some scent? Did other items in the store have the smell?
  9. Nope, no smell on mine.
  10. i didnt notice any smell on mine either
  11. i didnt notice a smell, but i bought mine from revolve clothing.

    it's cute, but sometimes i feel weird wearing it out because it looks like a pj top.
  12. I got mine from Neiman's and nothing else except the Primp shirts had that scent. Interesting...
  13. Maybe someone who wears a lot of perfume tried them on?
  14. lol imagine someone wandering around smelling all the clothes
  15. Yes my daughter has two of them, no smell!