Primp help...

  1. Definitely fake! The majority of the thermals on eBay are FAKE. Note that they NEVER come with a Primp tag; if they come with any tag at all, it will only have the store tag on it. Primp doesn't tag or bag their items. Also, with these, I read a guide (the links are at the bottom) and it said that these run VERY small and they're MUCH thinner material than the real ones. Real Primp tops will run large; the fakes will be at least 2 sizes too small. For example, the large thermals will be about the size of a small. Anyway here are the guides to help you:
    eBay Guides - How to tell a FAKE Primp Thermal from an authentic

    eBay Guides - Primp rip-off
  2. Agree with LVbabydoll. Real primp tops runs large. I had to go down a size or put them in the dryer after wash cos they do expand a little.
  3. Oh gosh I know! Especially the thermals! I went down 2 sizes in mine as well! They're so comfy..I always loved the jackets, but now I love the thermals as well-I'm obsessed hehe.
  4. girls thank you so much!!!!!!!
    thoise tops aren't very diffused in europe, i saw just a few of them IRL...thanks a lot for the info!!!;);)
  5. does anyone know if the jackets run large as well?
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