Primp clothing

  1. Hi can anyone recommend the best place to buy Primp clothing online.

    I'm looking for somewhere with a decent range - at competitive prices, ideally that does decent overseas shipping - i.e. Revolve clothing.
    However if anyone has any other suggestions I would be very grateful

  2. does not have the best selection for Primp clothing, but you can try them. They provide free shipping in the US, but I don't know what they would charge for international.
  3. ^ apparently they charge quite a lot for international shipping but I havent checked
  4. I think Shopbop does charge a lot. I would recommend Revolve. Great service from them!
  5. Shopbop international shipping is a rip off, go with Revolve, international shipping is free for orders over $100! Although, their Primp selection isnt that good!
  6. try