1. Do you use you think its necessary? And which is the best one too use? thanks
  2. I use Primer on my face and eyes.

    smashbox for my face. I have oily skin, so foundation tends to fade away during the course of the day. really makes a difference with the primer. its a like a thin layer that seperates your skin and the foundation.

    for my eyes I use Urban Decay Primer potion. cant praise that enough. no more creases. color stays on all day and for most of the night (although if you are going out after work, you might want to retouch the shadow if you want the deeper color)
  3. I use primer on both eyes and face too. I switch off between BE prime time for face and philosophy's that is tinted (the name escapes me) and on the eyes I either use the new BE primer for eyes or Urban decay primer potion.
  4. I use Bare Vitamins Skin Rev-er Upper and I couldn't recommend it highly enough. Lasts aaaages too.
  5. I use Armani's Fluid Master Primer for my face, and I love it! I used to use Smashbox's Photo Finish Primer until I got samples of Armani's and fell in love. I also have Chanel's Illuminating Base, which the SA told me to use as a primer, and although it is nice, I still prefer Armani's. For my eyes I use Urban Decay's Primer Potion, which I really like too.
  6. Laura Mercier for my face, and a different eye primer by her as well. LOVE both products. The face primer really make a difference for me. The eyes as well!
  7. i use the Make Up For Ever primer on my face, and it's AMAZING. people always compliment me on how my skin looks when i use it. they have several different colors to correct different skin problems (redness, yellow undertones, etc). i use the purple one because my undertones are yellow, and it makes my foundation look really even. i also only have to use one pump of my liquid foundation instead of two when i put the primer on first.
  8. i think primer is rather important.
    it helps to set the makeup better and it prevents the makeup from "slipping" through the day.
    some primer also helps to reduce appearance of pores and they definately makes the skin look smoother.
    they can also help to brighten up the complexion so you dun get a flat colour on your face :tup:
    definately try with and without primer makeup to see the diff!
    i can't live without primer.
  9. ps, i use chanel le blanc illuminating base
  10. Benefit That Gal. I've used le blanc and it's okay, but That Gal is INCREDIBLE! It evens you out and makes you glow and it's not weighty at all.
  11. Does anyone know if Estee Lauder Idealist is a primer? or is it more of a treatment. I have a sample of it and wasn't sure.
    But now I am curious about the armani primer, I have heard great things about their foundations.
  12. i've been using MAC prep+prime..
    after reading this thread, i might try out another brand..
  13. Can't go past Urban Decay. That stuff is gold!
  14. I use a foundation primer before applying my foundation. Laura Mercier and Armani are two of my favs. I switch them around.
  15. Okay people so I just went to Sephora and got me some of Benefit's That Gal primer, then I saw Sephora's Primer as well so I grab that since it's handy...

    $487.64 later (took me an hour) My dumbass went to Nordstrom and got Philosophy's "The Present" primer. So that's another 27 bucks..

    I don't know whyyyyyy I bought three primers that does the same stuff and I feel guilty not for spending 487 in sephora but for buying three of the same thing!!!

    So which to return? Philosophy's The Present or Benefit's That Gal? Both are the same price and both are face primer... So to make myself feel better. Or should I keep both and hopefully one will not "turn bad" by the time I finish the first?