Prime Outlet International in Orlando Florida? Has anyone been there?

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  1. Hi! Has anyone visited the Prime Outlet International in Orlando Florida? Me and my family are planning to go to Florida for a vacation and shopping spree. But we were thinking of skipping the outlet as it may be the same as other Outlet Stores. But I read in 1 article that it's Great to Shop there. Is it true? Has anyone been there?
  2. it's o.k. not great but take my opinion with a grain of salt. i used to live in NYC and had access to woodbury common on a regular basis. outlet malls in cabazon, vegas and woodbury are much better so if you have been to either of those, the orlando one is nothing like those.

    the only store i bought anything at was the burberry outlet. it was so so.
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  4. I was not impressed. I thought it was expensive, but then it is a stones throw away from Disney and therefor geared towards tourists.
  5. prime outlets aren't that great...very typical outlet shopping
    mall of millenia is the best in orlando imo, less crowded and better stores
  6. Not great... although there is a Joe's Jeans Outlet.
  7. Premium is better imo.
  8. It is hit or miss.
    If you have extra time go for a leisurely walk there, but don't make serious plans around it on your vacation.
  9. Please only post great deals or steals in this forum.
    Also, if you do a search, I'm positive you'll find threads on this already, or try posting in our General Discussion or Bon Voyage Forums.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.