Pride & Prejudice


Dec 15, 2005
I am a die-hard Jane Austen junkie! I've read & own all her books, have every dvd, including the BBC Colin First version of P&P.

Yesterday I bought the new Pride & Prejudice DVD with Keira Knightly, and it is soooooooooo good.

Can anyone else out there relate?
I think the book is a brilliant piece of writing and Jane Austen must have been wonderful to know, but I think the recent movie (with Kiara Knightley) was horribly (more than unusually) bad, embarrassing, outrageous. And it's not that I believe that books are always better than movies and that movies ought to always follow the plot and premise of a book.
I liked the beautiful houses in it...
Another Jane Austen fan here! I literally read P&P once a month! Of course, I'm a huge fan of the A&E series (it is possible to wear out a DVD), and feel somewhat conflicted about the new version, although I saw it a couple of times in the theaters and purchased the DVD on Tuesday. I'm a huge fan of Matthew Macfadyen (MI-5 anyone), so it was hard for me to dislike the movie version. I think, by far, the worst version of the book, is the BBC movie from the 70's. If anyone has the chance, please see was simply awful and makes you appreciate the newer versions more!
I enjoyed the book, loved the movie with Colin Firth and also, surprisingly, liked the movie with Kiera Knightly. Books are, in general, better than movies but that doesn't stop me from being excited to watch movie versions of my favorite books! One movie version of P&P I don't recommend, though, is Bride & Prejudice which was truly bad.
The new version on DVD - or any version - will never be as good as the book. This version leaves out more than half of the book - the same as any movie version of any book. But what I love about this is the rich photography and the handmade clothing/costumes. Also, the English countryside - it makes me want to go to England. I also have the Colin Firth version, which I feel is more complete. But the newer version is like a time machine, taking you back 200 years and seeing how people lived. I love the scene when the carriage breaks down and Lizzie is waiting under that tree with her aunt and uncle. I even loved that tree. We don't have trees like that in the states.

I just feel that you can never get enough Jane Austen. As far as Keira Knightly, I thought she did a better job in this movie than any previous ones. Jennifer Ehle is a tough act to follow.
i've never seen the movie but i absolutely adore the book......keep a copy by my beside table just in case i have of my favorite books ever (guess it helps that i was an english major tho)
i LOVE p&p its my favorite book! i haven't seen the new movie though because i am afraid it'll be bad and i dont want to ruin the story for myself lol... but my ap english teacher saw it and she loved it so i'm thinking i'm going to have to give it a try.
I love Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy ! And so does the world, especially the writer of the Bridget Jones books.

Have you seen Bride and Prejudice as well ?
Count me in I love Jane Austen. Got the DVD yesterday and will look at it again is beautifully done. I also have the version from a few years back...this one is just lovely to look at. I am such a romantic.:love:
I have loved this movie since I saw it, almost bought a shirt that said "Mrs. Darcy" hahahah :lol: Its such a cute movie, and now I'll be forever on the hunt for him lol.
I've been reading J.A. since I was 14!! I utterly adore her books!
I watch P&P (BBC serie) whenever its a rainy day :amuse: . Sense & Sensib. is one of my favorite movies!
But as many, I'm a bit affraid to see the new version of P&P. I'm not such a big Knightly fan, I don't think she can live up to J. Ehle (and of course no one could ever live up to Colin aka Darcy, especially not when he comes out of the water!):smile:
In an interview with Colin Firth, he explained how when he was offered the part, both he and the director agreed he was not the "Darcy" type, but the director wanted him to do it anyway and felt he could transform himself into Darcy. He still didn't want to do it, but when he thought about someone else in the part instead of him, he felt jealous and then agreed to play the role.
The "Pond Plunge" scene wasn't even in the book, but it's considered the most memorable scene.