Pride and Prejudice

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  1. Has anyone else seen this movie? All I have to say is....I AM IN LOVE WITH MR. DARCY:love: :love: :love: :love: :nuts:

    That is all:biggrin:
  2. I want to see it. I'm a Jane Austen nut. I heard the real purists were upset about the last scene (supposedly a "morning after" scene) but hey, I can stand a little deviation from the book if it adds to the story. And yes, the actor who plays Mr. Darcy is definitely some eye candy.
  3. Noriko - I've seen the new movie twice. "Pride and Prejudice" is my favorite book of all time...I've read it countless of times. I have a lot of opinions about the new movie. I think that it was great - acting, etc...however, I really recommend the more complete (and superior) A&E version that was made over 10 years ago, starring Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. Since I am a huge fan of the A&E version (it is a mini-series if you will, clocking in at over 5 hours), it was hard to watch the new movie without being biased. I think the new movie was good, considering that they had to condense a lot. If you see it, let me know what you think!
  4. My mom and I really wanted to see it this weekend, but there was no time :sad: I doubt I'll be able to get the bf to set foot into the theatre to see it, so I'll have to drag my cousin to see it instead :toung:
  5. Amazing!!! I want to see it again. Even though you know the entire story and ending, it was great! Hated Mr. Darcy in the beginning, perfect portrayal, should win an Academy Award!
  6. I sawthe A&E version too!!! I was glued to the t.v for 3 nights!I then rented it on video. I also highly recommend this version.
  7. me too. but i was sick and had a lot of time, so i watched the whole thing in one sitting - 5 hours straight! i love colin firth in that movie!!
  8. I did a picture search for Mr. Darcy and came across that picture of Colin Firth. I was wondering about that movie, is it available on dvd?

    I am seriously in LOVEEEEEEE though! :love: I totally need to find myself a Mr. Darcy and ASAP! Life is sooooo unfair!!!!!! :sad:
  9. yes it is!! you can find it on!
  10. And Best Buy!!! It's so great...I'm a little sad because I loaned my DVD to a co-worker. Wonder when I'm getting it back....?
  11. Colin Firth was tremendous as Mr. Darcy in the A&E version. I am going to see it by myself this weekend, as none of my friends, and certainly not my husband, are interested in it.
  12. Colin Firth is fabulous no matter what he does!:love: He's one of my screen heartthrobs along with Ioan Gruffud. (Love those Brits!)
  13. I totally need one of those "Mrs. Darcy" shirts they are selling on ebay :biggrin:
  14. That's too funny Noriko! :lol:
  15. Woohoo!!!: