Pride and Joy!

  1. Bunnay!!!

    3.5yr mini holland lop, she is 3.5lbs and i've had her since 7 weeks old. She has a myspace and i just posted her first video!

    She follows me around like a puppy and begs for whatever i am eating. She digs through the trash and looks for edibles. She loves gummi candy lol.

    Some special moments: her ears finally dropped at 2yrs old, likes laying on the coffee table and leather couches and dog biscuits (all natural of course).

    If you have bunnies, please share! thanks:heart:
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  2. I don't have a bunny, but she sure is cute.:love:
  3. She's a cutie. There is a whole thread dedicated to bunnies and their owners a bit further down this page.
  4. Her Myspace is so cute. I should dig into my salad greens the way Bunnay does. She likes laying on the coffee table???? Isn't that uncomfortable? I know......animals do the darndest things.

    she's a cutie--thanks for posting!
  5. Silly question- are bunnies actually friendly/affectionate w/ ppl like dogs/cats? I've just never known anyone w/ one as an indoor pet, so I'm curious.
  6. such a cute bunny....:heart:...i am curious abt that too.:yes:
  7. hey elizat nice to see you on this forum too!.. actually it really depends on the upbring of the bunny. she always had free run around the house so she tends to follow me because i feed her.. she will come up to me and head butt my feet but she is not a lap bunny. she will not sit on my lap on her own free will and let me pet her. she also hates being held. some rabbits love it.. this one doesnt..

    bottom line.. depends on how you raise it.. they dont listen.. i taught mine to come when i wave my hand or a tissue around.. but not in front of their face because their eyes are on the side lol..

    also i wanted to add that personalities can change with age.. when she was a baby she would sit on her back for hours, after she hit puberty she hates being held.. oh well.. she was a horrible teenager 6 months- 1.5yrs .. peed on my bed, ate my clothes and wires..

    i really hate the idea of a caged rabbit. thats no life for a bunny..:crybaby:

  8. not too sure why, she also loves laying on the leather couch.. a bit awkward.. :upsidedown:
  9. she's adorable! love her myspace too!
  10. She's sooo cute!! I love the idea of having a bunny hopping around the house. :smile:
  11. Aww!! A bunny!!!!! So cute!! :heart:
  12. What an absolutely adorable ball of fluff!
  13. What a cutie pie. Her ears dropped at two years? That is interesting. My bunny grunted if she was in a bad mood and purred if we were really lucky. Why a tissue as a come signal? We rattled the food to put our bunny away. She never stopped cord chewing so she was crated when not being watched.
  14. Waving a tissue to get her attention to come to me.. Its white and moves lol.. easily amused i guess..

    When my bunny is mad she thumps.. and happy she squeaks..

    Normally lop eared rabbits ears drop at 2-6months but she was well a mini.. maybe a runt.. not sure.. hollands are suppose to be 4.5lbs she is about 3-3.5

  15. She stalks me.. whenever she sees me she follows.. its a bit strange sometimes.. turn around.. a bunny... walk to kitchen.. a bunny.. go to the bed.. a bunny looking up at me.. :love: