Pricy but beautiful INK HOBO

  1. Agreed... pretty but oh so pricey!
  2. Gorgeous indeed. I saw this one but it seems prohibitively expensive :crybaby:
    Even though there is the option of BO, there are 3 there already... and mine wouldn't be close to the BIN, so I pass... but this one is a beauty.
  3. I would love this, but too pricey, it looks like she has already declined 2 offers and one is pending. Another will come along...
  4. And I thought you were on a BAN :P
  5. The leather on this bag looks gorgy :love: .
  6. well I am...until something I really want comes along I am on a ban. really. isnt that how a ban works?:P I mean I will ban all bags that I dont have to have, and buy the ones I really want. Have I been wrong all this time...uh oh.:sweatdrop:
  7. heehee! That's how a REAL ban works although sometimes I think we'd like to think a ban means no bags... but really - who are we kidding?!? :P
  8. ~GASP!~ A ban means NO bags? well I just Fu*ked that all to hell didnt I. ha. no really. seriously I am on a ban.

    until I get to Neiman Marcus Scottsdale on Friday...woohoo!:yahoo:
  9. Make us proud Donna!! :rolleyes:
  10. That would be a star every day bag!
  11. beautiful!
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