increased my ticket offer without consent

  1. I made an offer and they upped the offer past my budget. When I called customer service, I was told I could cancel the tickets for 8.45 per ticket. AND wait 5 days for the refund, which means I can't pay any bills or buy other tickets.

    Angry is the right word.

    NEVER use this site.
  2. Wow, what did they say when you told them they went above your budget? You shouldn't have to pay anything for this. Talk to a manager.
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    They refunded, five day wait on that. I guess when I wake more, I should call back. I still will need to wait. I'm filling out a complaint with the Better Business Bureau right now.

    Funny how they pulled my money IMMEDIATELY, but I don't get it back for 5 days. I know this has been discussed in this forum, but I still find it unnecessary and aggravating.

    So frustrated.
  4. Did they actually up your offer or did taxes add on to your total?
  5. I am done with them a long time ago. Few years ago we booked hotel 4 stars with them and it was 3 stars. Their explanation was we are using OUR costumers star rating!
    Never again. Lesson learned!