Prickly heat help?

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  1. What is the best remedy or relief for prickly heat? I searched it and was recommended to remove clothing from rash area but it's icy cold over here I can't possibly let son go around topless in freezing temperatures. My son is almost a year old and has prickly heat rash on his back and the back of his arms. I've let him wear 2 clothing layers (light fleecy l/s sweatpea + Grobag 2.5) instead of 3 (+ cotton thermal PJ) overnight since I discovered his rash but his hands are clammier. He used to sleep through the night with absolutely no problems but for a week now he wakes up several times yelling. I'm sure it's not due to teething because he's writhing on his back like he's trying to have it scratched. I used to have prickly heat as a teen and it was absolutely painful I can imagine his suffering. Any help would be much appreciated thanks!
  2. I have the PUPP pregnancy rash, which looks and feels like sunburn.
    The only thing that helps me is Calamine lotion, perhaps that would help him?
    I had chicken pox when I was 5 and it helped me then too.
  3. ^^oh i feel for you! i had pupps when i was pg with my first was HORRENDOUS! i had to be induced it got that bad for me.

    i was going to suggest some calamine or cortisone cream, i hope his rash gets better soon!
  4. Along with calamine lotion, how about an a bath with Aveeno? Try putting just one layer on your little one. The house/room he is sleeping in should be 68F so one layer should be ok. My second daughter had this when she was 6 weeks old!
  5. Thanks ladies! I'll try calamine.
  6. DS has a little contact allergy with Aveeno. IDK only tried that when he was newborn he used to have red patches. When I switched to Huggies or Method shower gel they went away.
  7. have you tried an oatmeal bath??
  8. ^^yes, doesn't Aveeno make an oatmeal bath? How about washing with Cetaphil?
  9. will aloe help? just a thought...
  10. We live in a cool climate but in the Summer months every year my DS gets heat rash. His is like teeny tiny red spots that feel hardish and sand-like (but think there's other types of heat rashes?).

    Anyway, Eurax cream helps (contains Crotamiton) and if it's really bad, we've used Piriton syrup (Chlorphenamine maleate) on rare occasions which also sorted it out. Perhaps seek medical advice first due to the allergy thing you mentioned?

    It all takes a while though - eventually the tiny little raised red spots seem to go a bit browner and very gritty indeed before fully fading away. It's a real pita...