Pricing with Best Offer

  1. I normally sell my bags as regular auction, but I've listed a few as fixed price (BIN with Best Offer option). For those of you who have more experience with this kind of selling, how do you recommend setting the BIN price (when you have the Best Offer option)? Should I go higher on the BIN price, with the expectation that anyone who makes an offer will lowball me? Or should I just set the BIN price at what I believe is the true appropriate price, knowing that I can always reject a Best Offer that's too low?
  2. I do this option. I don't know if it works any better.
  3. I also go higher than I want on the BIN this way the best offer is ussually closer to the price you want, and if someone uses the BIN you get a little more. Good luck.
  4. I would recommend going higher. I recently did an auction where I added a BIN in response to requests from people. I added it at the price I thought was fair; didn't seem to have the Best Offer option, maybe because I rarely sell anything (or I might have just missed it). I got a number of email offers anyway, all of which were low -- lots before my starting bid price even -- so I'd suspect that you'll have the same experience.
  5. I always go a little higher (within reason) and I have found that it works pretty well.
  6. I always go about about $100-200 higher than I really want to get. That way they lowball you about $300-400 under price, you counter and they hopefully accept. get the lucky fool who pays the inflated BIN price LOL
  7. Yeah people usually lowball you so I would also set the BIN more than you want for the bag. Everyone wants a deal out there...
  8. As a buyer, my offer is much lower than the BIN and I do so expecting a counteroffer. But keep in mind, I also research completed auctions for the average sold price for the same type of bag and know not to overbid either. Also, if the seller is overseas, I am forced to lowball to cover extra shipping, insurance, and customs fee which can easily total over $100 to $150 apart from the cost of the bag.
  9. I recently bid for a Cerises Coin Purse which had the BIN and Best Offer options.

    Her BIN was 299.95USD which I actually found quite reasonable, seeing that the other brand new ones were going for 499USD a pop.

    I offered her 240USD which was 5USD higher than what it retailed and she countered with 260USD which I accepted gladly.

    I think setting your BIN slightly higher is always good. When the buyer gets their best offer accepted, both sides are happy.

    Good luck with your auction! :tup: