Pricing question

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  1. Hi Prada experts!

    Thank you for all of your help thus far! I had one more question about pricing.......

    I noticed that the NM site already has a few pages of spring collection (which I believe is spring 2011 b/c they are adding bags to it). For instance, they have a new Vitello hobo in the spring collection- slightly different color from fall.

    Does this mean the fall collection might be going on sale soon? Does NM even put these bags on sale? Is it a certain time every season? Etc.

    I've never bought a Prada or from NM before. I have only purchased from Gucci or LV stores directly, so the NM sales cycle is a mystery to me unfortunately.

    I don't mind paying full price to have the bag I want now, but I'd hate to buy it and then it go on sale in 3 weeks :o

    Your advice & insight is MUCH APPRECIATED!
  2. I think most of the designer bags start going on sale towards the end of November and into December. If you do a search on this thread you'll probably find some postings written about the sale dates.
  3. Those are from Spring/Summer 2010.
  4. Oh ok! Good to know! Sorry for being such a Prada novice ;) I appreciate your help and I'm very excited to buy my very first Prada soon!