Pricing Question

  1. If I have the same bag...

    say 30 birkin, chevre, palladium in three different Hermes boutiques in three separate stores across the U.S. - will the price be the same?

    I have noticed some differences here and there when reading posts of members; and I just wondered if these bags are price fixed for the most part if made roughly at the same time give or take a month.

    I guess what I was wondering...will it matter what market/region the same bag is in when it comes to price? (I know prices are different outside the U.S. for identical bags)
  2. good question, Kellybag! I'd like to know the answer too. I'm sure our Hermes experts will enlighten us.:whistle:
  3. get some response on this one. Thank you.
  4. As far as I know, it should be the same if it's the exact same bag.
  5. I'm wondering, would the price be higher if purchased through a department store?
  6. Anyone know the pricing of a 30 chevre birkin? I have definitely noticed a difference in the pricing of chevre Kellys posted on the forum.
  7. HG, as far as I know the prices are not different in department stores.

    Fopduck...this post was started in part due to that chevre Kelly difference in pricing. My only thought was they were made at different times and maybe price increases happened in that small time frame. (but they ended up at stores at about the same time...KWIM???)
  8. i know that we determined that bolides were fairly consistent.
    it's true, with the price increases, one week or one day could make a substantial difference in the price.
  9. Do you mean that Hermes would go in and change prices on bags that were already ticketed? you mean as the next bags that come out the same exact bag could end up at the boutique with a major price increase?

    Just wondering.
  10. oh, i think when they raise the price, they raise the price on all the bags. they wouldn't leave an old 32 chevre kelly on the shelf at one price and a new one at a higher price. if they're identical bags.
    it's possible that across the US they are informed of the price increase and have a week to implement it or something and maybe some stores apply it faster then others. but even if they do it simultaneously, if one person sees a bag on monday and quotes the price here, another person could see it on wednesday and hear a new price if there has been an increase. sometimes though, the dollars just don't make any sense (pun alert). :upsidedown:
  11. That makes sense and seems to be consistent with the prices that everyone has been posting EXCEPT for chevre! Maybe I am just confused...:Push:
  12. the pricing difference in the chevre kellys could also be because of souple vs rigide, in addition to the price increases!
  13. Thought I read somewhere on one of the boards that prices in Vegas is more expensive?
  14. Hmm...interesting^^
  15. What is the price difference between sizes? say 28cm vs 32cm?