Pricing Princy

  1. Hi~
    Can anyone tell me the retail on a Princy Hobo? I dont know really anything about Gucci:shrugs:, so I dont know if you need the size or not so just in case: 18 wide, 12 tall. Any ideas? Thanks so much!
  2. There are prices on, or department store sites.

    Monogram fabric: $750; plain leather: $935; Guccissima leather: $1,075. Which one do you like? :smile:
  3. Thanks for the info!
    I like the plain leather and the Guccissima leather!
  4. I like the Guccissima leather too! The brown one is so tempting, although I never wear brown. I hope they come out with more cute, bright colors, not just classics. The silver one is very cute too.
  5. I bought it in the black Gucccissima leater last week for $1075 plus tax. I loooooove it. I got black because I wear lots of things that would go better with black, but the brown one is really really nice also. I attached a pic because I was suprised that the bag looks a little different to me with stuff in it. The Gucci website makes it look like a really flat bag. Once it has your stuff in it, its not flat at all.
  6. it is so beautiful in person.
  7. I love the Princy Guccissima Hobo's. I have both black and brown