pricing on new canvas C items?

  1. I'm really liking this line..:sweatdrop:
  2. i think they are a little overpriced for canvas :sad:

    ill find the place the price is listed 1 sec
  3. me tooo! so perhaps the pouch or the smallest sized carly for me. i wonder what the measurements are!
  4. here it is

    large carly (10795)...$428
    med carly (10794)....$368
    small carly (10793)...$228
    pouch (40526).........$198
    wristlet (40563).......$98
  5. and for me thats a lot for canvas,,,, i mean on leather i totally understand but those i dunno i guess its all the hardware?? i dunno

    but i tried on the med, in the store yesterday and it was a little heavy, kluncky cause of all the hardware but i would prob. want the large,,,

    I want to love them so much but i dunno,,,, i just dont :sad:
    I think the C's are a little TOO much like in your face, like they are REALLY BIG!
    but the plain ones are boring :sad:

    i dunno grrr i want to love them but for that price i just plain cant :sad:
  6. i think the prices are pretty decent!

    and the sig is a little big (my chambray carly is like that)...BUT it's really not so noticeable when it's slouchy, especially the large (more proportionate than on, say, the medium).
  7. i dunno i just guess i cant imagine spending that much ono canvas when with spending that much you could get something from the beautiful ergo collection, and the ergo at the $428 price is the biiig tote or biig hobo!! :smile:

    i dunno for me its just hard to think of spending the same on that, and then on a canvas bag ;(
  8. i think the pricing is fair.

    i plan on getting...jeeze i have no idea, but i love the carly so i NEED one in canvas!
  9. Are they one the Coach site?

    Which ones are they?

    The Carlys?
  10. I feel like the canvas is the same as the signature Cs, just in a different design. I'm not a fan of their leather, especially on ergo with the contrasting stripe for I feel it cheapens it, but I would love a small carly or a demi. Is the small wristlet though 98? That I feel is a little too much. But i love the wallet! That I plan on getting. I'm never happy with coach leather, even with legacy at times. But I really love the canvas. its so fresh. Its all in the eyes of the beholder, and if I use the canvas, then I don't mind paying extra.
  11. Ahhh but then LV is canvas.....I'm addicted to that as well.
  12. you know, that's what i was thinking. lv is canvas and we have no problem paying for THAT! lol.
  13. see i dont like LV :sad: i wouldnt pay anywhere near what they ask for their canvas overpriced bags that i dont really like,,

    BUT :smile: as said above all in the eye of the beholder!!! :smile: If you love it then its worth it totally!! if you dont love it, then it isnt worth it:smile: thats all
  14. I don't think any bag is worth the money you pay for it if you just try to tally the value of the components. You have to think about design, labor, marketing, and even the rent for the store. The other thing that should determine the value of a bag is Do YOU like it? It's not worth anything to you if you don't want use it, no matter how many style gurus tell you that anyone who is anyone wants one! :lecture: Variety is the spice of life!

    ps I love the canvas, especially the denim!
  15. Same here, love LOVE damier.. :heart: