Pricing on Manhattan GM

  1. Ok I was looking on eLux at the Manhattan GM and it's $1870, has the price gone down? I could have sworn it was $1900 or more?
  2. No it's gone up since i first looked at it. I think originally it started around $1400. That was a few years ago. If this price increase hits this bag it may be up to $1900.
  3. that price seems about right to me, I remeber the smaller verison being $1450ish so $1870 seems right on.
  4. Thanks LVluvr & LVobsessed415
  5. Bleh before the most recent price increase it was $1770!
  6. no it's been like that for a while now
  7. It's about the same price as the MC Speedy??? :confused1:
  8. Yep.

    My mom is thinking about buying the Manhattan GM and the price keeps rising, sigh. She still is going to get it though, someday, Ha.