Pricing old Epi Mabillon

  1. I've been fawning after a Fendi Spy for awhile and figured I'd sell some of my 'not so loved' bags in order to make the purchase. The problem is I have no idea how to put a price tag on vintage Vuitton.

    The bag in question is a 1997 Red Epi Mabillon, It's in an excellent condition, only little marks of use. The bag is still in production and the new one retails at 875€ at

    I'll appreciate any suggestions :smile:
  2. Do you mean how to physically put a price tag on the bag, or just how to "price it" correctly since its used?
  3. I think she means how to price it correctly ;)
    I have no idea though!
  4. Yes, price it correctly. Sorry for being unclear :blush:
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  6. Why not sell it for the price you bought it for? :smile:
  7. I always wondered if I overpaid or did I get a good deal on it when I paid 450€ :smile:
  8. Thanks for moving it, I did wonder if I should post it here :smile:
  9. hi, they go for about £120 - £200 (160 euro -270 euro) on eBay, depending on colour and condition.
  10. Thank you for answering. I guess I overpaid a bit then. Though it was a lovely bag - no regrets here :smile:
  11. I also have MAbillon. I sold for $275-$375 for used in excellent condition and around $400 for brand new. Hope this help :smile: