Pricing Of Reissue Metallic

  1. I am sure you ladies know the answer to this....
    what is the pricing on the 226 and 227 black metallic reissues?

    Thanks!!!! you girls are great! I have too much fun on here drooling at everyone's bags!
  2. Brendan told me this morning that the 226 was $2,350 and normally the 227 size is about $90-$100 more. HTH.:smile:
  3. Thank you soooo much.
    I am still waiting for my distressed Jumbo with mademoiselle lock. I think I might like this one better. Think I might need opinions again! LOL
  4. I'm pretty sure that
    reissue 226 is $2350
    227 is $2495
    distressed jumbo is $2595
  5. 226 is £1170 in the UK
  6. really? I was quoted for the 227 $2650
  7. I just bought a metallic 227 and it was $2495.00.