Pricing Issue - vs Department Store

  1. Hi ladies,

    Here is the situation. Last night, I went to Dillard's and purchased the Ali Flap Shoulderbag in the signature print (the khaki with the ebony trim). I have coveted this bag for a while so I knew that per Coach's website the signature fabric version of the Ali is $458 (the all leather version is $498). I bought that bag and a few smaller items too. Anyway, I get home all excited and ready to use my bag when I look at the price tag - and it says $498!!! I check my receipt and yep - I was charged $498.

    I called the Coach counter @ Dillards this morning and explained what happened and their response was basically tough luck- we don't control the price. :cursing: I talked with the store manager about it and he said he would check with the buyer and give me a call back. If they don't refund me the difference the bag will be going back and I will just purchase it from another store.

    Anyway, has this ever happened to anyone? This is the FIRST time I've ever had this happen. The price of Coach's items in the store have ALWAYS matched the price on the website (unless it was tagged on sale or either on clearance).

    I guess the moral of the story is...ladies, check the price before buying your Coach from a department store!
  2. Yikes! Thanks for letting us know. I have never bought coach from a dept. store before so I don't know what the pricing is like.
  3. was the tag attached? i know that's happened to me with smaller stuff (like mini skinnys), where the tag got switched around.

    if they don't refund it, i would take it back. $50 is a lot of money!
  4. good to know ! yikes !!
  5. Wow, I had never realized that might be a possibility. Hope you get the difference back. That's enough to get an accessory! And enough to shop at from now on or call the stores.
  6. The barrett shoes are $80 at Coach and Macy's sells them for $89.
  7. Update:

    Well as of Saturday (1/6/06) I STILL hadn't heard back from the store manager regarding the pricing issue so I went to Dillard's website and sent an email to their customer service explaining the situation. On Monday (1/8/06) I got a response saying that my email was forwarded to the District Manager for our Dillard's store. And guess what....this afternoon I get a call from my local Dillard's store saying that they will be refunding me the difference! :yahoo: Now granted, I will probably spend this $40 on another Coach item, but still, I don't like being overcharged and then basically told "tough luck" by the SA :cursing:.

    Well all is well again....:love:
  8. maybe its due to the fact, that in the department store you can get buy coach with coupons

    i've bought coach boots at lord and taylor for 20%

    bloomies always 15% when you they have that ad, where you simply use your bloomies card for purchase
  9. I WISH they did take discount coupons for Coach! LOL Every coupon/sales event they have ever had, Coach is always excluded.

    Like right before Christmas, they did a handbag drive for Dress For Success where when you bring in a used handbaag, you would get a certain dollar amount off of the purchase of a new one....and yep, Coach purchases were excluded.

    I just think this bad was mislabeled. They also have the signiture Ali in black there and they are labeled the correct price of $458.
  10. Strange I've never had a problem like that before. I wonder if that was done over a price increase. ie when the demi's went from being $118 to $128
  11. Good eye catching that, and following up to make sure it was done right. I don't know why they don't realize that if they don't fix it, that you can just return it and buy it somewhere else. D'oh.