Pricing info for Chanel

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  1. Hello everyone

    I am new and was looking for a bag around $1K, Tammy :smile: mentioned the petite shopping tote - its that from the classic line or will it eventually go on sale?

  2. It's Classic, it'll likely never ever be on sale.
  3. Correct, there are 2 collections that will never go on sale. The Timeless Classic Flap collection and the Timeless CC Collection, which are the totes, bowlers, etc., with the CC stamped on the front (i.e. Grand Shopper Tote).

    Right now, Neiman Marcus is having a sale with Chanel markdowns, only including merchandise from last fall.

    My suggestion is the petite shopping tote or the caviar timeless classic pochette...both are fantastic handbags and perfect for beginning a collection...