Pricing in hong kong

  1. Hey fellow tPFs what is the price of the trevi pm in hong kong i'm from oz and planning to go to hk in the new tear just wonder where i should get it here claim tax or get in it hk thanks!
  2. Hi ,,
    the price in HK usually cheaper than any where ,, i dont know about the price of trevi but usually i am buying my Lv from hong kong less than Middle East ,Europe and the rest countriest in south Asia

    i am going there after christmas i love this country LV Boutiques spreads like cheeses on streets ( i love chees )
    as in kowlown they have more than 10 branches for LV only
    go a head not only LV also all other brands

    i love shopping in hongkong

    enjoy it
  3. they cant have more than 10 branches in kowloon alone, can they? i'm visiting HK in Jan, i guess one day is not enough to visit all the lv stores there LOL!
  4. just wondering if anyone knows the exact price in HK dollars thanks
  5. That is not true; Hong Kong only has 6 LVs in total and three of them are in the main Hong Kong island.