Pricing for discontinued Coach Handbag

  1. Hello,

    I understand this Coach bag was produced in 04-05 (before I became a Coach lover). Do any of you experts recall what it would have retailed for? :confused1:

    It's model 3677.

  2. Sorry I am not an expert but one is listed on e-bay as retail $248.00 plus tax.
  3. Thanks for the info. I can't check that link out now (i'm at work and it's blocked), but I will when I get home. I've actually been looking to purchase one on eBay and I've seen them going for as low as $60...which was making me think maybe those were fakes but I didn't know what retail was and had nothing to compare it to. I'm so glad I found this forum! :yahoo:
  4. Yep, $228 sounds right. I own this bag and just LOVE it!!
  5. what a cute bag,this is the first time i seen it.
  6. hope you find it!
  7. so cute :yes:
  8. Hm...I was thinking I paid $218 at macys....but thats pretty close to $228!
  9. $228 is the price directly from the coach website
  10. I got that...when I read the original post before I scrolled down I was thinking I'd paid around $218. For a bag I bought 3 years ago...I was thinking "good for me...I was within $10". Thats pretty close...and pretty frightening that I can remember that close to the actual price! Means I buy way too much coach!
  11. haha! nah, most of this coach stuff is pretty closely priced in the various sizes. I'm impressed! :yes:
  12. That bag is so cute!! I remember walking by the Coach store and drooling over it, but not being able to get it because we were buying a house at the time.....
    Adorable - I hope you find one for a good price!
  13. They were in the outlets about a year ago. Recently saw some beige bags with dots. Every now and again I will see a white one with dots. You might want to check.
  14. good point helen! I haven't noticed them at the outlets the past few months...but they had them in the white with the dots maybe like a a year and a half ago...and then the beige with dots like 4-5 months ago..maybe sooner.