Pricing advice?

  1. Mods...I hope I am not breaking the rules by asking this question. If so, please pull it and let me know.

    Can anyone tell me what a pre-fall 05 caramel box in perfect condition should be listed for on eBay? I have no idea if this is a hard to find bag or very common. I just need some advice. Please do not pm me about buying anything, it is against the rules and I cannot respond. Thanks in advance!
  2. I would say that since it retailed at 985, try around 825-850. It seems a lot of boxes have sold at around this price lately. I am no expert though on how popular the older colors are (except for the super rare ones).
  3. I agree. I would start at $799 or so if you are serious about selling. I sold a caramel city (new with tags) for over retail, but started lower (e.g. $999 or so).
  4. does anyone know what was the retail on the box back in '05?
  5. Thanks all! I went ahead and listed it. I could not, for the life of me, get good pics of the inside tag so I didn't put any of them in the auction. I never wanted to let this bag go, but I have made some other purchases and plan on future purchases, so something had to give. I am dying inside over selling it, though. It's so freakin' gorgeous. I gotta start putting money into my savings account instead of having to sell bags to buy other bags. I wish I was filthy rich, sheesh.
  6. GOOD LUCK Lori!!!!
  7. $US 985.00
  8. Hi LoriB,
    I know how you feel. I'm gonna have to let a couple of my bags go, also. Wish I could keep them all, as they are all beautiful in their own way. Good luck!
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