Pricing a Marc Jacobs Wallet


Jan 7, 2009
Hey ladies, I have a pricing question. I have a Marc Jacobs wallet that I want to sell. It is new with the tags, but was a display item, so it has some wear scratches. The scratches are superficial, but they exist and are noticeable upon close inspection. Of course I would say all of this in my listing and add detailed photos, but how much should I price the wallet for? It is currently selling for $395 at department stores.
Jun 25, 2008
Sounds like you need to do some market research, that is, check out what similar wallets are selling for at whatever website you're planning to use. There's also a Marc Jacobs subforum here on TPF, although you might be told the same thing because posting additional details about the item you intend to sell and asking for opinions on prices, etc., might be seen as an attempt to promote your item, which is not allowed here. So the best thing you can do is find out what other sellers are charging/and buyers are paying for that item. Good luck!
Jan 8, 2009
It all depends on what you have in the wallet (cost wise), how the market is going for the wallet (as kz mentioned research) and how bad you want to get rid of it. You need to take these mainly into consideration. You might have to relist it once or twice if your pricing is too high, but you should be able to gage based on how much interest is shown in the wallet. You could also just list it with a best offer and see if someone offers fairly close to retail. Make sure to take great pictures of the flaws and make sure to note them very obvious in the description so your buyer doesn't come back and try to return the item.
Oct 17, 2006
It is good thta you decided to keep the wallet. Marc Jacobs wallets do not have as high resale value as LV and Chanel. For a brand new, perfect MJ wallet, the highest sold price I have ever seen on eBay is in the low $200's.
Enjoy it!


Rocker Chic
Aug 30, 2007
i wouldn't pay near retail for a MJ wallet because i've seen them on sale from so many different places- even in the 150-200 price range.

Doesn't mean other people won't pay retail! If they don't find the sales and they want the item - it's simple supply and demand. There is no reason NOT to sell it for retail. eBay doesn't have to be about "cheap" - I look to eBay as a place to find items you can't find elsewhere.