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  1. hey guys - I'm thinking of getting this Louis V for my girl - what do you think it would go for at an auction?
  2. Really depends on the condition of the bag. Make sure that it is authentic first before bidding. GL
  3. To be more on the safe side , buy the same bag from the boutique.
    It will be in better condition and your girl will like it a lot if its brand new.
    Good luck ! :smile:
  4. ^^^Agreed.
  5. I personally have never purchased anything on I agree with .LVoe. with buying it straight from the boutique. :smile: HTH
  6. Its a speedy, always a good choice. Do a search and you will find many threads on the speedy.
  7. I'd personally buy it from LV store especially if it is her first LV bag. That's just my opinion.
  8. I would only buy from a LV boutique, mainly because I wouldnt want to be stuck with that sick feeling of thinking it could be a dreaded 'fake'.. JMO..

    Its a nice gesture towards your daughter. I will be buying my daughter her first LV bag when she gets a bit older then 11, she's started her collection with Harajuku Lovers, and Coach. Though on her LV wish list is anything in the black MC. Love that! She's so fun! =)