1. Anyone knows whats the retail on 32cm Crocodile black kelly? and 35cm Ostrich Kelly? :flowers:
  2. I'd like to know too! I know that currently an ostrich Bolide in 31cm is $11300.
  3. Ladies!!! Im disappointed!!! No one knows about the prices?!!!
  4. hi, pinkish love

    I personally don't have knowledge, sorry.

    But I am sure that you will be getting response to your question on Monday (if not sooner!), when most of the ladies will be returning from the weekend!

    :flowers: :flowers:

    Of course, you shouldn't feel shy in perodically "bumping" up your question.... :yes:
  5. hmmm....I'm also not sure about the current prices. pinkish_love, are you getting a black croc kelly? It's so classic!!!!! I post a pic of Helen Schifter carrying her black croc kelly & it's so gorgeous!!!!
  6. tokyogirl, where do all the girls go? Las Vegas?
  7. hi, rochasgirl,

    I didn't mean to imply that they all went together somewhere.

    I just meant that over the weekend some of the ladies probably have family, friends and other commitments/activities so that they don't check in as often...

    Also many of the members are located in the US, so it is right now Sunday -- 730 a.m. (east coast time) 430 a.m. (west coast time, I think). So they are either :sleepy: or starting to wake up.

    :flowers: :flowers: TG
  8. pinkish_girl - You can also call your local boutique and ask for an estimate on th price. Anyway, the prices vary from country to country.
  9. I concur with LaVan, prices will vary from country to country. But in the US expect around $18,000 for a croc 32cm and around $12,000 for an ostrich Kelly. But my advice to you is to check with your boutique as I see you live overseas.
  10. I think it may be because crocs are a bit of a stretch for some and aren't purchased as often around here! But we know shopmom has one on it's way to her soon from the LZ boys! Sorry not more help...
  11. Thanks ladies!! My local boutique wont give me an estimate.. they say oh maybe this and maybe that.. anyways.. thanks for the information again, it was helpful :smile:
  12. There was a black croc. Kelly (nilo) for $15,800 at Hermes about a month ago...
  13. ^^ Thanks aspen!! Great help!!
  14. This is the same with many boutiques. Hardly ever will you get the exact price unless the ACTUAL BAG is there. Otherwise, they'll tell you also between this price and that price. The exchange rate also plays a part.