Prices will still be the same this Thursday for Saks EGC Day...right?

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  1. I have decided that I am going to re-buy the Jumbo on Thursday for Saks EGC Day and that means I will get $300 yay!!:nuts:

    But I have just been hearing about certain stores upping their prices early before September 1st and I just wanna know if the price for the Jumbo will still be $2250 this Thursday?

  2. The price increase is not until November 1 so you are safe for the ECG. There is a post re: the increase on the shopping thread that indicates Nordstrom made an error and increased the prices too early.
  3. Now it's November 1st? I thought it was September 1st! So confusing hehe.
  4. Yeah I thought it was September 1st too, so I bought my timeless clutch from Neiman's literally minutes ago. LOL
  5. Saks prices will not go up for this EGC according to my SA-so buy now!!!
  6. oh no, what do I buy??? :confused1:
  7. Everything you can!