Prices updated on

  1. Just letting everyone know that the new prices are up on the LV website.
  2. Yikes, wonder if there'll be any increases in Aus.:s
  3. ^^ I am sure there will be:tdown:
  4. :hysteric::hysteric::hysteric::heart:
  5. am i blind, i dont see any changes?
  6. never mind, i see them on a few items, mc wapity was 360 - 380, sunset from 750-780, a few vernis bags
  7. Some of the purses have the same price listed as before until you click on it to bring up the bigger picture and then the price changes.
  8. oh ok, thanks

    yikes, that makes me depressed now. lucky i called to make sure i was paying the old price before i transferred a bag from another store

    holy moly, the le fab is over 4k now
  9. Not on eLux.....yet. I placed my order for the Pomme d'Amour Zippy. Too bad I'll have to endure the increase on my Mini Lin.
  10. HOW DEPRESSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this sucks.
  11. depressing indeed. :sad:
  12. The LV webside France has the same prices like before - no price increase in Europe?!:confused1:
  13. ^ france website prices were already changed a few days ago. e.g. mono petit noe was eur505, now eur510. uk site also already changed a few days ago.
  14. Great. just great. it totally ruined my day...
  15. now it will take me a little bit longer ot buy my stuff...:crybaby: