Prices too good to be true? SCAM?? Please help!!

  1. I was hoping to buy the Nikon D80, and browsing through websites I noticed B&H, 6ave, and other big company websites were selling just the body for 900 ish. However I found this website called expresscameras, and they're selling it for 349!!!!! I was shocked and couldn't believe it. I called them right away wondering how their prices were so low.. they said they sold the cameras wholesale prices.

    Do you guys think this is a scam??

    I really want to buy this camera and if it is legit.. the price is too good to be true!!
  2. Okay I just answered my own questions. But beware if any of you guys come across this website hoping to buy a camera... they supposedly get your cc info and cancel your order saying it was backordered and sell your information to other ppl!!!