Prices Slashed at Banana Republic

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  1. Handbags and other items have gone down since last night; I got the Sandhurst hobo for $69.99. Dont forget to use these coupon codes; there are a ton but you can only try up to 5 combinations:

    WINTER2006 (20% off)
    WINTERGIFT (15% off and free ship over $175)

    BRFREE (free shipping)
    HOLIDAYS (20% and free ship)
    MY BANANA (Card holders only)

    Good luck!
  2. Thanks:heart: , I jsut saved $49.80 and free shipping
  3. Thanks for posting :flowers: I just got some killer jeans :heart:
  4. I'm going sooooo!
  5. Thank you!
  6. Thanks! I was able to get a ton of stuff and save $40.
  7. Thanks so much! I can start spending my Christmas cash....NOW!! :smile: