Prices per country

  1. Hey all!

    Since a lot of PFers seem to ask prices of bbag in other countries, I thought it'd be good if everybody would post the price of bbags in their country, and convert price in USD.
    So I'll start with France.
    I only know the price of city and first in regular hardware though, maybe other French PFers could complete...

    City 950 euros (1295 USD)
    First 850 euros (1158 USD)
    All tax included
  2. Thanks for the post! I was curious, esp since there was another poster who was inquirying about the pricing from France.

    I figured w/ the money conversion that the price for an American to purchase a BBag in France would be more expensive! :hrmm:

    Could u tell us how many €'s it would be w/out the tax? (Just in case, I decide to purchase one in France and get it duty-free)??

    BTW.... in the USA (as of now), the prices are:

    First $995 USD........... City $1195USD

    Both w/out tax
  3. i would love to know for spain.
    does anyone think it'd be cheaper?
  4. Great idea!


    First: $1300 US

    City: $1500 US

    Incl. VAT 25 %
  5. I know the First in Hong Kong is 9300 HKD which converts to around 1190 USD...quite expensive. But there's no tax in HK.