Prices on the Nikki

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  1. I am considering purchasing a few Nikkis, and so I've been wondering what prices would be considered "steals" or a good price :smile:
  2. The Nikki retails for $600. It is a beautiful bag, and very well crafted. It's definitely worth the price. The WINE was my HG for the longest time, and although i was hoping for a discount i gave in and bought it! Nikki's are really one of the most popular RM styles. Even the ones on ebay wind up selling close to retail. If you see anything priced under retail then you should go for it!
  3. Some of the newer nikkis are selling for about $620-$645 depending on the style but the older colors on the RM website are $600.

    I would say a "steal" would be one for around $450 and under.
  4. I have to agree with shopbopchic. I have been looking for a nikki on sale in a color i like and they are really hard to find at even the 450 price! I would love to find one for 450 in a color I like. If only I could be less picky!
  5. how much do the mini nikkis go for? :smile:
  6. I got a Nikki in Night for $434 from Label 360 with a 30%discount! YEA!
  7. I purchased mine last month from Luna Boston for $480 with 20% discount code. I think code Grechen still works.
  8. thanks ladies!!! I originally purchased a black one a few weeks ago from luna boston for $480, but it wasnt ready to ship until after 3/31....i felt bad because I also got a wine nikki the same week, so I canceled the LB order.....luckily I found this one on eBay, with the old hardware! I will post pics when she will be my first RM- next in line is the wine when the pre-order ships sometime in May....unless of course I snatch up my 2nd RM before that! :graucho: