prices on kelly and birkin

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  1. hi!
    i am currently looking for a kelly. when i was on madison avenue store i saw a kelly 32cm brown togo for $5600.
    today i went to the wall street store and saw the same kelly in the same color and leather for $5950.
    how is it possible that both bags are different prices in two different stores? i just purchased a chartruse clemence 35 cm birkin for $7500 is this the going price or is it less someplace else?
    i will appreciate if you guys can tell me the price of a 32cm kelly in togo or clemence leather.
  2. Hm. It might have to do with when the stores ordered the bags--there was a price increase in February, if I'm remembering correctly. Wall Street was not open yet, so all of their inventory was purchased since the price increase, whereas Madison may possibly have purchased their Kelly prior to the price increase.

    Just a theory!
  3. I think Cynthia's theory is right. Recently, we were talking about the differential in birkin prices at two stores. Same size and leather. Retail prices are set at the time of the boutique's purchase, and the boutique's cost fluctuates with currency exchange values. That's what an SA told me.
    I just bought a 32 chevre rigide Kelly for $7100 before tax. If it's not rigide, subtract $1000. Chevre is extra, also. So your kellys sound to be in the right range. You have to chose the bag you like the most, and if they are the same, of course get the cheaper one. Perhaps the date stamp is not K on the cheaper one.
    The clemence birkin for 7500 sounds right for one that is fresh. I just bought a 35 birkin in epsom for 7350. clemence is a bit more costly.
  4. Somebody just posted on the Hermes Current Prices thread that a 35 clemence birkin cost $7550.
  5. thank you so much guys. i can count on you always. i think that's what the sa said about the price difference to me in the wall street store.
  6. decide and buy it fast-or someone else will!
  7. the kelly i saw on madison avenue was gone by the next day. i just did not think that prices would be different for the same exact kelly. i was not interested in that color at the moment but wanted to try it on for size and when i asked the price again for a 32 cm togo soft kelly i got confused when i was told $5950.00 because i could have sworn the tag i saw on the other one was $5600.00 and on a 35 cm white togo $6100 i guess now i know. i will be visiting madison store everyday from now on.
  8. Smart thinking! That's the only way to be sure you're going to be able to grab what you want (unless your SA is really and truly your BFF, LOL). And if you save a bit of cash in the process, well, even better! :tup: