Prices on eLuxury more than on (Links + Info)

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  1. I was doing some research on shoes that I am interested in and found this:

    1) Damier Graphite Sneaker Boot is $610 on eLuxury
    on it's $605

    2) Damier Graphite and Ebene Elan Sneaker is $595 on eLuxury
    on they are $590

    3) Leather Impulsion Sneaker is $565 on eLuxury
    on it's $550

    There are probably more price differences too. Is there a reason why the prices are different, being that prices SHOULD reflect Louis Vuitton's prices?
  2. i think you have discovered what the prices after the next increase will be like.
  3. ^^^ Really, you think so? Hmm? What's funny is that the shoes have been priced like that for a while on eLuxury, but I didn't realize the price difference until today.
  4. i could be wrong, but that was my first thought when i saw the prices and the thread.
  5. Hmmm... must be for select items... the ones I'm waiting for to come in to my LV are the same prices on both websites
  6. It could just be an eluxury fail - they have the price of the monogram multicolor bandana WAY wrong - it's $340 on elux:

    but $170 on (as I think the cotton bandanas are in general). I did one of those elux chats and told someone, but as of yet they have not changed it.
  7. shoes dont usually go up in price with increases...
  8. I just don't understand how the prices can be wrong... when eLuxury is run by LVMH! What the heck is going on there? Haha.
  9. ohhh i see!
  10. and also, they wouldnt increase the prices by only $5. theres no point. its eluxury...failing
  11. Well since they are all loosing their jobs maybe no one over there (elux) really cares too much anymore..or the person in charge of that maybe quit already?
  12. Well since they are an authorized dealer, their prices should be correct... regardless of them closing their retail shop or not.