Prices on 38 trim 1..

  1. Does anyone have any idea what price a 38 clemence trim is ? Bit of confusion going on between me and store ?:confused1:
  2. Sorry can't help u out with the prices, particularly US prices. But I empathise with you about the confusion thing. Here some of the SAs don't even know the diff between the I and II, not even after I tell them, I'm after the one with the gusset, zip closure... Some of them were like, "Gusset? Huh? What do u mean?" :rolleyes:

    Further, are the different Trim sizes referred to in terms of PM, GM, that kinda thing? Or are they only known in terms of 31cm, 35cm, etc? My SA called one a PM and I didn't know if it was 31cm or what.
  3. I've only ever heard of them referred to in terms of 31 cm (Trim I and Trim II), 35cm (Trim I) and 37cm (Trim II) .... plus the odd truly gigantic Trim (42cm I think ... in both Trim I and Trim II ... size of a small house!!).

    Then, there are the tiny 25cm Trim I's....perhaps that's what the SA meant by a PM size?

    The last time I checked (perhaps a year ago) the 31cm Trim II was around US$3400 or so.... In Oz, that size/style was running around A$4800 last year - the 35cm or 37cm around A$5250... or so.
  4. Thanks, MW! I think it was the 25cm one too that was being referred to. Wow, I'm amazed you have the figures for both countries, lol!

    Yup, in Dec 06, the 31cm Trim II was $4700 AUD and Trim I was $4100.
  5. I had a serious case of Trim Hysteria mid-last year ...:hysteric: ... and even tracked one down via a friend in Lyon (Barenia, 31cm, Trim II) ... CALLED them in a fit of panic/lust/madness to see if they would put it aside for him to pick up and ..the SA on the other end snapped, "No!!" and hung up :shrugs:

    Hilarious... but my SA did find one I liked somewhere in their Aladdin's Cave ....
  6. Congrats!!! How beautiful that must be!:love: I'm so glad you finally were able to get the one your were looking for! I have somewhat of a Trim thing going on atm... but for the toile/barenia combo. So, keep your eyes and ears open for me, lol! Has to be the Trim II tho... the other one is just too flat for all my stuff.:biggrin:
  7. Oh..toile/barenia....eeek... my local store had one late last year! It's a GORGEOUS combination. OK - I'll put out the Trim Alert....will let you know if I come across one :yes:

    I ended up with a Trim I - takes a bit of getting used to (the flatness) - the Trim II stands on its own but the Trim I keels over .... but I'm becoming more of a stuff-and-run kinda person so the wide, open top works for me (have things OOZING out the top all the time!) You're right doesn't fit much.... Trim II fits an AMAZING amount...
  8. BG, I think that a 35cm Trim II Clemence was around $3,450 pre-price hike.
  9. Thanks, MW!!!:flowers:

    Actually, is your store in Syd? I bloody rang there in Dec (that's how I know the prices, lol) and YES, they had that exact one!!! But me, being somewhat dim-witted, decided to "think" about it. I mean, C'MON!!! It was the one I was looking for so what else was there to think about??! Right? LOL! Ahhhh..... sigh..
  10. Yes it is! Have you checked recently whether it's still there? I saw it before December..... oh, yes, gotta jump on those babies before prices go up anymore! :hysteric:

    This year's price increases....ARRRRGHHHHHHHH! Especially the bags! I had to SIT DOWN when I heard.....smelling salts were deployed....valium was ordered.... then I got CRANKY!

    Anyway, I'm going to pop in at some stage to interrogate them on Paris news...will see if there's a Trim for you...:graucho:
  11. I did check. And I got Grands Fonds on the job too, lol! But alas, it's gone. I'm banging my head against the wall now. It's not one that comes along very often is it, in that exact combo? Pall h/w too, just like I preferred for this bag! Argh for goodness sakes, I'm so stupid to have waited.:noggin:

    Oh yes, not to mention the price hikes! Bloody oath! For some reason, our hikes were disproportionately more than elsewhere even after taking into consideration exchange rates.

    Oooh please give us whatever goss you get on Paris and new items, colours and leathers!:biggrin: And yes please... if you even get a sniff of my dream Trim, lemme know! I'll pounce on it for sure this time.:choochoo:
  12. you shop in Sydney as well?? :smile:

    I'll let you know pronto if it's still there....or if another one's on the way. They could order one for you - would you consider that? Barenia's difficult but in that combo, it could be less of a wait because it doesn't involve large quantities of the leather.

    Those price hikes...are giving me a rash....yes, DESPITE the unsually high exchange rate of the past year, we're not benefiting! Whhhyyyyyyyy?

    The last time I had a good, thorough mooch around Cartier a couple of months ago, I noticed that things I bought or looked at two or three years ago were down $300 to $500 in price. That's gotta be the exchange rate - actually they did tell me a couple of years back that they adjust prices regularly to reflect the level of the currency because they want to retain and build the local client base and not have them shopping overseas.
  13. Speaking of confusions, is there even a size 27cm? I've been told that in terms of the smaller sizes, there are the 24 and 27. Then there're the 31cm and 37cm.
  14. Sue - I SO wish you had got that bloody Trim when you heard about it! HOWEVER, It is a bag they have often (in that combo), so we'll get you one! LOL - There is the world's biggest Trim sitting in our store (black)...last time Mme.W and I visited......if I had to hazard a guess, I would swear it was a Trim 260.

  15. GF and I and ALL our shopping could've climbed into that thing and lived happily ever after........:p