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  1. Is it just me,or are the prices(most of the time not always) of used LVs on eBay a little too high?

    There are some veryyyy used and almost vintage speedy's that go for 300$-400$..i mean come on....we can see those stains and we can almost not read the tag...

    They should go for MAX 200$...

    Sorry for ranting,i just had to see if im the only one that thinks so.

  2. Some people love that heavy patina look... everyone has their own taste.
  3. i LOVE vintage bags, esp. LV.
  4. I'd never pay that much for a dirty bag, but some people love it. Not my taste at all!
  5. if i am going to drop full price (or close to) on a bag, i want that baby spankin new ;) but I know that some people love the 'worn-in' look and would rather pay the same for a bag that is pre-loved. I agree with above posters though, to each their own. I am not going to be buying the heavily used bags anyway, so I am happy to know that when I want to sell my bags that I will get something back from them! :smile:
  6. i have a friend that loves vintage, bags, clothes i think she's crazy for spending $$ on used and she thinks im crazy cuz i buy so it really does depend on your own personal far as price goes... if a back looks really worn i dont think a price close to that of a new bag is fair...
  7. i have to agree with loving_couture, I just can't bring myself to buy a used bag for close to retail price. The prices do seem high on eBay. I guess its good from the standpoint that they're keeping their value, but hard to find anything that feels like a "good deal"!
  8. I don't think vintage bags go because of the patina. It is the same reason that people collect antiques! It is great to get a bag that is in great shape and is a collectors item!
  9. totally agree... i hate it when the item is still readily available, and the patina is dark, bag is obviously used, and the seller advertises it as new, excellent... i'm seeing that alot lately on eBay...
  10. i would pay $100 or less for one with patina...nothing like black though.
  11. i would never pay that much for a used bag especially if that particular style is still available in the stores.
  12. Vintage usually just adds a markup rather than just being "heavily used". Vintage has a charm lol.

  13. I totally agree!
  14. I would never buy any thing that is not close to like new. But that's just me. If I were to spend money on a vintage bag, I would just buy it new and tan and break into it myself. Atleast I would know where its been.
  15. Yeah, I think it has to do with the fact that they're older pieces and have the vintage-shop look to them. Not everyone wants a brand spanking new bag. I'd personally prefer the new one but a lot of people like the more broken in ones (I love the one my mom gave me though, she got it in about 1990; it has great patina!).